New to Autodata - July 2018

As part of Autodata’s ongoing development to continually reflect the demands of a modern workshop, regular updates take place monthly to bring you the latest vehicle models, manufacturer updates of technical information, as well as Autodata’s newest modules and feature enhancements.


1,617 updates of technical information were delivered including repair times, service schedules, TPMS, wiring diagrams, wheel alignment, trouble codes and much more.

Vehicles updated this month, include the Audi A5 Coupe (F53) (17-) 2,0 petrol 2017-2018, BMW X1 (F48) (15-) 1,5 petrol 2017-2018, Hyundai Kona(17-) 1,6 petrol 2017-2018, Jeep Grand Cherokee (11-) 3,6 petrol 2017-2018, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe/Cabriolet (238) (17-) 2,0 diesel 2017-2018, Mitsubishi Outlander (ZL) (17-) 2,4 petrol 2017-2018, Skoda Octavia III (5E3/5E5) (13-) 2,0 petrol 2017-2018, Subaru Levorg (VM) (16-) 1,6 petrol 2017-2018, and many more.


The following features were introduced or modified to improve the user experience and increase workshop efficiency.

New Bulbs module


Autodata has launched a brand new technical module dedicated to bulb replacement. Lighting on modern vehicles has become more complex, and what was once a quick and straightforward job now requires additional guidance on access and replacement procedures. The new module makes it easier for technicians to find the bulb information they need, from traditional tungsten and gas discharge bulbs to the more modern LED bulbs.

Stability & Security Enhancements

This month significant changes have been made behind the scenes to enhance the performance, stability, and security of our online workshop tool as a part of Autodata's ongoing development. This ensures that the product works consistently and effectively for all technicians, providing the information they need when it's needed.


During the coming months, Autodata will continue to make further updates to enhance the user experience and ensure subscribers are always receiving the latest technical information and innovative features:

  • Enhanced search functionality

  • New models and vehicle updates

  • New known fixes and bulletins

  • New service schedules

  • Enhanced features

  • New modules