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The full version of Autodata with all features included. Includes wiring diagrams, diagnostics and repair information. Chosen by most professional workshops.
1-User ?
9,99 € For the first month
Then 55 € per month for 12 months
2-User ?
9,99 € For the first month
Then 63 € per month for 12 months
5-User ?
9,99 € For the first month
Then 77 € per month for 12 months
For garages only concerned with basic servicing and maintenance. Includes service schedules, maintenance procedures and technical specifications. Does NOT include wiring diagrams, diagnostics, clutches and other non-service items.
1-User ?
9,99 € For the first month
Then 30 € per month for 12 months
2-User ?
9,99 € For the first month
Then 39 € per month for 12 months
5-User ?
9,99 € For the first month
Then 45 € per month for 12 months

*All prices shown are ex. VAT

An Autodata Intro is a trial that gives you full access to your chosen Intro for the duration of a 1-month period from the point of completing your set up. 

Choose from a 1, 2 or 5-user subscription. 

To prevent disruption to your service, your Intro trial will automatically convert into an annual subscription at the end of the 1-month period. If you want to renew onto a different product or if you want to cancel, simply let us know before the end of your trial. 

The Intro product is only available to garages that haven’t had an Autodata subscription or trial in the past 6 months. If you have had a subscription in this time, contact us and we will be happy to set you up with a standard subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Intro product

What is the setup process for the Intro product?

1) Select your preferred Intro product.
2) Provide the details of your workshop and your payment details
3) Set your password and click the activation link in the emails sent.
4) You can now use Autodata. Contact Customer Support if you have more than 1 user so they can add the additional users on for you.

How long does an Autodata subscription last?

Autodata subscriptions are a 12-month commitment. They will automatically renew at the end of this period unless cancelled. Contact Customer Support at least 24 hours before your renewal date if you wish to amend or end your Autodata subscription.

How long is my Intro valid?

You can use your Intro during a 1-month period. Note: your Intro starts on the day you first sign up and receive your log-in link, not on the day you first log in.

What is included in my Intro?

The Intro will give you full and unlimited access to all the features included in your chosen product and subscription level.

Do I need to extend my Intro?

For your convenience, your Intro will automatically convert into the corresponding subscription after the 1-month period is over. This means a 1-user Diagnostic & Repair Intro will convert into a 1-user Diagnostic & Repair subscription unless cancelled.

How soon after getting my Intro product can I start using Autodata?

Almost instantly. After you have filled in the required details, you will be sent an email with an activation link. Click the activation link and you can start using Autodata. 

Can my subscription be a different product to my Intro product?

Yes. Just be sure to contact us before your 1-month Intro has finished to tell us which product you would like to subscribe to.  

Who can use the Intro product?

Anyone who has not had Autodata in the 6 months prior to getting an Intro product. Please be advised the Intro product might not be available in your country.

How many users will I need?

Refer to our User Guide page here. 


This extra module for motorcycles provides easy access to technical data and technical specifications for motorcycles, scooters, quads and off-road bikes.

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