FabuCar uses Autodata vehicle selection information

05 / 12 / 2018

Automotive phone app FabuCar proves a business success as 4,000 technicians download app in four days

An online success story*, Germany’s FabuCar phone app from Fabula Film GmbH achieved an impressive 4,000 downloads in four days, following its official launch earlier in the year. The FabuCar online community has grown incredibly quickly –  remarkable as only certified German automotive technicians may become members, making it one of the most highly-skilled resources available. Even with this professional requirement FabuCar is growing at 100 to 150 users per day. Filling a clear gap in the market, the popular phone app uses Vehicle Selection data from Autodata.

Rod Williams, managing director for Autodata, said: “As experts in automotive aftercare, we at Autodata would like to congratulate Fabula Film on both its innovation and phenomenal success. We are proud Autodata is recognised as the best product to deliver the Vehicle Selection information in the FabuCar app. Fabula Film is one of many companies using Autodata’s API integration capabilities to deliver bespoke solutions to create new and innovative products.”

FabuCar allows German automotive technicians to communicate with each other via messaging or video if they need help while working on a car. With almost real-time, expert peer-to-peer support just a few phone taps away, the fast-growing FabuCar community is proving immensely popular and a good example of how technology is positively disrupting traditional ways of working.

Lars Faust, CEO, Fabula Film said: “We are delighted at the demand and success of FabuCar and plan to use Autodata information more extensively in the future. This will make the product even more powerful and useful to our users.”

Fabula Film GmbH also produces the popular online TV channel Die Autodoktoren which has attracted over 276,000 subscribers and averages 4.5 million views per month since its online launch in May 2017.

*Ranked at #17 (October 2018) in Germany in Similarweb’s rankings