Autodata launches dedicated product for Turkey

29 / 08 / 2019


Autodata, a world-leading supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket, has today announced the launch of a dedicated Turkish version of their trusted online tool that provides OE-sourced technical information for the service,  maintenance, diagnostic and repair of vehicles.  

Delivered in Turkish and covering over 90% of vehicles on the road in Turkey with the  most-up-to-date specifications, this development means Turkish workshops now have access to a world-leading solution to deal with the rapidly evolving automotive market in the country.   

Autodata’s online workshop application has been developed specifically for use in automotive workshops. With over 100,000 users across the world, Autodata has been able to deliver maximum value to workshops. All information is standardised, enriched and built in an easy-to-use format. This means workshops can have instant access to the most powerful solution, with no need for training.  

Autodata is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive and innovative solution on the market and provides information for over 34,000 models from 142 manufacturers  worldwide.  The product features 92,000 wiring diagrams and 600,000 step-by-step technical procedures such as battery disconnection and reconnection, jacking modes, wheel alignment, engine management, air conditioning, diagnostics and much more.  

Key features and benefits of the application include:  

  • Official OE technical information  
  • Multi-platform access  
  • Official OE service schedules  
  • Guided diagnostics including diagnostic code look-up  
  • Interactive colour wiring diagrams
  • Engine control module pin data & oscilloscope wave patterns
  • Bulb replacement module
  • Electrical component locations  

Prospective customers can sign up to try Autodata for a month via a dedicated Turkish e-commerce website ( The whole process is quick and easy  and allows new customers to be benefitting from the product in less than five minutes.  

Max Lienard, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Autodata said: “Turkey is a very  exciting market for Autodata and the launch of the product in Turkish demonstrates our  commitment to providing our customers with the best solutions to make their workshops  more efficient and improve their profitability.  

“Last year we added 1,400 new models as well as delivering over 46,500 updates and we have no intention to slow down. With over 100,000 users across the globe already using Autodata, we hope this new development can open up the benefit of Autodata to many new Turkish workshops.”  

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