Autodata GDPR Information Request

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Requesting personal information

This page contains important information with regards to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Under the GDPR you have the right to access your personal data (referred to as ‘Data Subject Access Request’) and the right to have this data deleted on request. However, some data is protected from deletion where it is needed for good reason. Please read the following guidance carefully before submitting an access request via the form link below.

What can be requested

There are three types of information that Data Subject Access Requests cover:
– Confirmation if we are processing your personal data.
– Personal data: Specific data that identifies you as an individual and any personal correspondence.
– Supplementary information: Confirmation of how this data is used, such as the purpose of processing and the retention period for the data.

What can’t be requested

– Business information: Data on a business is not personal and therefore not part of the GDPR scope.
– Information on others: An individual is only entitled to their own personal data and not to information relating to others (unless the information is about them or they are legally acting on behalf of someone).
– Other restrictions: If at any time a legal restriction takes precedent, we will be bound by those restrictions.

What personal data can’t be deleted

We act in accordance with the GDPR with regards to any request for deletion of data.

Please note that the following cannot be deleted:
– Data which is not considered personal data: for example a business name.
– Financial records, where they are legally required to be kept for a period of time.
– Data required to deliver an ongoing service such as an email being used as essential information to access your Autodata subscription.

How to make a request

To make a request regarding your personal data, please download the form below, complete the required fields and email to
1) You will receive a confirmation of receipt.
2) This will be followed by a further communication once your request has been reviewed. At this point, we will also confirm if any part of your request cannot be processed.
3) Any legitimate request will be processed and confirmed within one calendar month.

Click here to download form

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