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September 28, 2015

New to Autodata: September 2015 vehicle updates and feature enhancements

This month a series of updates took place, including the addition of new models, new vehicle data, plus a range of feature enhancements, as part of the product’s ongoing development to continually reflect the demands of a modern workshop.

Vehicle updates

  • 76 new models were added, including: Audi S1 (14-15), BMW 2 Series Cabriolet (15), BMW X1 (12-15), BMW X6 (14-15), Citroen C3 III (14-15), Ford Mondeo (14-15), Honda Civic Tourer (13-15), Jeep Renegade (14-15), Lexus NX (14-15), Mercedes CLA Coupe (15), Vauxhall Corsa-E (15), Renault Megane III (13-15), Seat Leon ST (14-15), Volkswagen Golf SV/Sportsvan (14-15)
  • 2,848 vehicle updates occurred on new models, with information obtained directly from vehicle manufacturers
  • 1,667 vehicle updates occurred on existing models, including: key programming, repair times, service schedules, TPMS and wiring diagrams

Feature enhancements

The following features were introduced or modified to improve the user experience and increase workshop efficiency.

Vehicle ‘VRM’ displayed in the recent activity list

To ensure users can easily locate the correct vehicle from the recent activity panel, the VRM used (if applicable) now appears in this section. 

Improved Diagnostic Trouble Code interface

Small changes have been made to the DTC page to improve its usability, including clearer instruction text, a ‘spinner’ when searching and scroll bar for results.

Add job number and customer address to estimate

When printing estimates subscribers can now add specific job numbers and the customer address to the print out. The print layout has also been altered slightly, removing the ‘Estimate calculator’ text.   

Additional services included in the service print

To ensure the customer is fully informed of the work carried out on their vehicle, the option is now available to include any selected additional service interval descriptions onto the service print out.

Automatic refresh of maintenance page 

During any planned maintenance Autodata’s maintenance page will now refresh automatically and return the user to the active product.

Coming soon

During the coming month, Autodata will continue to make further updates to enhance the user experience and ensure subscribers are always receiving the latest technical information and innovative features:

  • New models and vehicle updates
  • New known fixes and bulletins
  • New interactive coloured wiring diagrams
  • Enhanced interactive capability for component locations
  • New service schedules added
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