Autodata new product preview

08 / 08 / 2016


Autodata will be raising the bar again this year as it readies to unveil its latest developments in September. The industry is set to see a new level of automotive technical information, as Autodata reveals: a huge step forward for motorcycles, the latest development of their data integration product, and an even more advanced workshop application.

Next generation Autodata

Last year Autodata saw their entire global customer-base move over to their latest online workshop tool. Since then, the tool designed to support vehicles servicing, diagnostics, repair and maintenance has received rave reviews, both from the industry and media.

Autodata is used in more workshops than any other technical information solution in Australian and New Zealand, so it is vital that Autodata’s products don’t just keep up with the market, but actually lead the way in automotive aftermarket innovation. Autodata is excited to reveal the latest evolution, with timesaving new features and a new generation look and feel in the coming month.

Motorcycles go online

As well as a facelift to Autodata, to enhance the appearance and navigation across data pages, Autodata is also launching a brand new online platform for motorcycles. Autodata for Motorcycles will cover over 61 motorcycle manufacturers, including over 8,000 models from 1976-2016. Similar to Autodata’s online workshop tool, Autodata for Motorcycles gives simple and instant access to comprehensive accurate technical data, across multiple devices.

All existing subscribers to Autodata’s motorcycle technical data will have instant access to the new online tool without worrying about upgrades or complicated activation processes.

Autodata powering a new wave of solutions

Autodata has been providing data for business partners’ solutions for many years. However, in the last year, Autodata raised the game with an innovative new API solution, which allows companies and developers to integrate Autodata information in a new and easy way.

Autodata’s API platform can be used to power data in many physical automotive tools and equipment, as well as countless digital and online solutions that increase the efficiency of workshops worldwide. The development of the Autodata’s API means that it is now possible to power multiple developments with less effort, more control and increased reliability, even increases the opportunities of new consumer solutions.