Why waste time solving a problem that's already been solved?

11 / 05 / 2017


Phase two of Autodata’s DTC evolution is complete. Australian workshops are now able to quickly find more than 4,200 existing solutions when vehicles generate diagnostic codes for common faults.

Autodata’s technical fixes for common faults saves workshops time and helps technicians to avoid the unnecessary stress of engineering a solution for vehicle faults that have already been identified. 

The new design and navigational elements of the DTC module were revealed in phase one, only a few weeks ago. Phase two, which integrates Autodata’s fixes for common faults into the DTC module, is now available.   

How does it work?

When a vehicle is selected by either make, model and engine, all the technical information available for that vehicle is presented to the user in several technical modules.

Before phase two of the DTC module development was launched, technicians were provided with general information including the data link connector (DLC) locations, how to access the DLC, how to erase trouble codes and the probable causes of the fault code generated.

Now, the diagnostic trouble codes module – one of Autodata’s most popular features, speeds up vehicle diagnostics by enabling technicians to do all the above, in addition to providing easy access to proven technical solutions for common faults and the probable causes identified when a relevant code is generated.

As well as access to 4,200 solutions for common faults, technicians that subscribe to Diagnostics & Repair will also have access to further enhancements to the DTC module, to be launched in the last phase of the DTC development in just a few weeks.

“At Autodata, we are continuously adding brand new features and enhancing existing elements to meet the needs of modern workshops. The new Diagnostic Trouble Code module is designed to help workshops to utilise their resources, by saving technicians from wasting valuable time. The integration of technical fixes for common faults into the DTC module is just one of the many new features Autodata will be introducing this year.” Max Lienard, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at Autodata

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