Autodata: two years of innovation

06 / 03 / 2019


Autodata will be exhibiting at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, running from 4-6 April at the Melbourne Conference Centre. Since the last AAA Expo in 2017, Autodata has been hard at work developing new features, adding new content ready for the 2019 show in April.

The rate of change and quantity of updates has been unprecedented – all in line with ensuring Autodata maintains its 96% coverage of the cars on the road in Australia. Over the last two years, this has meant over 740 new models added and over 18,520 updates in total to new and existing vehicles for Australia alone.

However, it’s not just about adding new vehicles and updating existing technical information. Autodata has also rolled out numerous new features since the last show in 2017.

Powering your diagnostics

Autodata’s DTC module was completely redesigned to save technicians even more time. OE fixes for common faults were integrated into the DTC module, so as well as the standard DTC error information, additional common faults are now also displayed when they connect to specific trouble codes. This means a huge amount of time can be saved by identifying the most likely causes up-front.

To take the next step in diagnostics, Autodata also launched Assist Me, a step-by-step diagnostic feature that gives the user the guidance to accurately dive deeper into more unique diagnostic issues.

Speeding up tyre data

An all-new tyres module gives technicians quick and easy access to vital information, including tyre pressures, tightening torques, TPMS info, jacking points, and jacking mode procedures; all in one easy-to-use technical module.

Dealing with electrical complexities

Autodata’s Electric Component Locations module was enhanced, meaning users now see all electronic component diagrams available for the selected vehicle, with the ability to easily locate the components relevant to their issue.

This was further enhanced with a new Fuses and Relays module, which presents all fuse boxes/relay plates and even has a search bar to find the fuse boxes/relay plates you need in seconds.

A completely new Bulbs Replacement module was also launched to give technicians easy access to accurate bulb replacement data. As well as providing a replacement guide for each type of bulb, the new module rates the difficulty of the replacement procedure. This new feature helps technicians quickly assess the complexity of the job, allowing them to accurately provide quotes and avoid underestimation of tasks.

Motorcycle servicing

Service Schedules have now been added to Autodata’s motorcycles product. This significant addition means, that as well as technical information, time estimates and DTC, this product now includes OE-recommended service items – something that is becoming more important with the growing complexity of bikes.

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