Vehicle information support policy

Autodata will strive to supply infotmation under the following circumstances:

The information you are requesting relates to a category available within the Autodata Product. The Categories are:

1. Airbags

2. Air Conditioning

3. Anti-lock Brake Systems

4. Auxiliary Drive Belts

5. Battery Disconnection and Reconnection

6. Clutches

7. Component Locations

8. Diagnostic Trouble Codes

9. Diesel Exhaust Gas After-treatment

10. Electric Parking Brake

11. Engine Management Component Testing

12. Engine Management Pin Data

13. Engine Management Trouble shooter

14. Warning Lamps and Symbols

15. Guided Diagnostics

16. Key Programming

17. Known Fixes and Bulletins

18. Repair Times

19. Service Illustrations

20. Service Indicator

21. Service Schedules

22. Technical Data

23. Timing Belts

24. Timing Chains

25. Timing Gears

26. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

27. Tyre Pressures

28. VIN Plate Locations

29. Wheel Alignment

30. Wiring Diagrams

If you require further information or explanation on data you have found within the program to complete the job, or if the data you are looking for is not yet available, but falls under one of the 30 categories listed above we will endeavour to help you.

Eg. You look up the category “Diagnostic Trouble Codes” to find a manufacturer specific code. You find the code listed, but require more details on it and the probable cause of the code being instigated.

Eg. You need to trace the wiring for the oxygen sensor, however this has not been created and published as yet. You can call the support team who (if the information is available) can find the diagram and talk you through the details.

We cannot supply information under the following circumstances:

The information you are requesting is Copyright restricted

Autodata has longstanding relationships with the leading manufacturers. This relationship allows us to work together to provide a superior product to our members. Our relationships rely on us upholding agreements pertaining to their copyrighted information and therefore we will not under any circumstances transmit any other publishers’ information.

You are asking our Support team to troubleshoot a vehicle, RE: Diagnostic Troubleshooting

As it is a “trade based publication only” we leave the troubleshooting to your experienced eye on the ground. Without being in front of the vehicle, there is a high risk we may provide you with a misdiagnosis. If you are unsure where to start, we have three great categories for you to use. 1. Engine Management Trouble Shooter 2. Guided Diagnostics 3. Known Fixes and Bulletins.

The information is simply not available

Autodata regularly updates our massive library of information. However, whilst we strive to keep a healthy library to support our members, due to some manufacturer restrictions not all publications are readily available for purchase. Autodata will always help a subscriber when the request is within our guidelines and information is available, however we provide no guarantee that the exact piece of information you require will be available each and every time.