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January 19, 2021

Autodocta – 2015 Ford Mondeo

VEHICLE: 2015 Ford Mondeo

ISSUE: Rattling noise from front of vehicle while driving

We have a 2015 Ford Mondeo in for service and the customer has complained of a rattling noise from the front of vehicle while driving. We have heard the rattling noise on road test but have been unable to source the cause of the fault in the workshop. Have you any ideas?

Yes, we know of a rattling noise that occurs on Mondeo models with 2,0 Diesel engine and 6-speed manual transmission. The cause is due to insufficient clearance between the engine undertray and the transmission housing. Modify the engine undertray by cutting off a section where the contact has occurred (fig 1.1.). Road test the vehicle to confirm the fault has been rectified.

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