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Autodata is the online tool your workshop needs, providing comprehensive technical information for vehicle service, maintenance, diagnostic and repair procedures.

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    • OE technical information for 34,000 models from 142 manufacturers
    • Covers 99% of vehicles on the road
    • 92,000 wiring diagrams and illustrations
    • 600,000 technical step-by-step procedures
    • 46,500 vehicle updates took place in the last 12 months
    • Now with access to motorcycle service schedules
    • Autodata is the world leader in motorcycle technical information
    • Technical data for Australian, European and US bikes included as standard
    • Covers 70 manufacturers and over 8,000 motorbike models
    • Includes technical specifications such as tightening torques, tyre pressures and lubricants and capacities

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Autodata for cars and vans offers comprehensive technical information covering 99% of vehicles on the road in the UK.  The full Diagnostic & Repair version is chosen by 8 out of 10 workshops. Service & Maintenance is our lighter version for garages that only offer servicing and maintenance.

Diagnostic & Repair Service & Maintenance
Included Included
Included Included
Included Included
Included Not included
Included Not included
£9.99 for the first month then £85 per month for 12 months £9.99 for the first month then £50 per month for 12 months

Customer Success Stories

"If a customer comes in with a two-year-old car and asks if we can service it, with Autodata we know we can."

Elite Garage Services, Newbury