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July 15, 2020

Autodocta – Ford Kuga

Confirmed fixes sourced directly from the manufacturer.

VEHICLE – 2014 Ford Kuga

ISSUE – Ford Kuga: Engine overheating and engine malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) flashes whilst driving


A customer’s 2014 1,6 petrol Ford Kuga is suffering with engine overheating, an intermittent lack of power and the engine malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) flashing while driving. We have experienced the symptoms on a road test but cannot find the cause of the fault in the workshop. Can you help?

Yes, the symptoms you have described match a recent vehicle we know has been fixed. The faults affect Kuga models with 1,6 turbocharged petrol engines up to 05/16. The cause is damage to the engine coolant expansion tank. Drain the cooling system. Remove and discard the coolant expansion tank breather hose. Remove and discard the coolant hose. Fit a new engine coolant expansion tank and expansion tank cap. Ensure the blanking plug, available from the Ford parts department, is fitted to the engine coolant expansion tank breather hose connector. Fit a modified engine coolant expansion tank hose complete with breather hose. Fill cooling system and bleed. Carry out a road test to confirm the fault is fixed.

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