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July 7, 2016

Technician led innovation in the automotive aftermarket

Autodata raises the bar in technician led innovations for the automotive aftermarket with new scientific testing.

Even when leading a market, innovation remains crucial; great products need to evolve to complement the changing needs of customers and the industry.

Autodata, a world-leading supplier of automotive technical information, is committed to providing the most comprehensive online workshop tool, with the best user experience. Autodata has always worked closely with numerous workshops to ensure that their product delivers what mechanics really need and want, in the most efficient way possible. Over the last few years, customer feedback has helped Autodata to completely redesign their products to meet the technological needs of a modern workshop.

This year, Autodata has added an even more scientific layer to their feedback process, innovatively introducing laboratory user experience (UX) testing. Over the last few months, automotive technicians who have never used Autodata; as well as previous and current Autodata users were invited to the City Interaction Lab to test Autodata’s most up-to-date online workshop application.  All technicians were interviewed, observed and monitored using cutting edge user testing technology, to identify aspects of the online workshop tool that can be further enhanced.

Autodata’s investment in research and development and their constant interaction with their users have gathered insightful intelligence. User insights will continue to guide the advancement of the online workshop application. Enhancements that have derived from the most recent laboratory usability test include time-saving functions that make it even easier for mechanics to select vehicles and to access the technical information they need for specific operations they perform on daily basis.   

“Autodata saves a lot of time. It’s easy to find the information I need to do my job and it helps me to learn the trade”

Andre, Apprentice Mechanic, BMW specialist garage.

“For us, it’s important to understand the challenges our users face. We regularly conduct research to identify any issues and to recognise what technicians need. This helps us to focus our efforts and our technology on supporting their businesses. It is the best way to make sure we deliver value to our users, and this is why their input is essential and core to everything we do.”

Max Lienard, Head of Product & Market Development at Autodata

Autodata’s latest innovations will be revealed in the next generation online workshop tool at Automechanika Frankfurt in September. 

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