We were established in 1972 and have been a trusted and much respected presence in the automotive aftermarket ever since.
Drawing on a long history of knowledge and industry relationships, we provide professionals in the automotive aftermarket with
technical information for cars, vans and motorcycles.

Our data is licensed directly from over 170 manufacturers and
covers 43,500 models worldwide, making us one of the most comprehensive products for service, maintenance and repair.


Our workforce of expert automotive technicians, developers, graphic designers, translators and management teams all work towards producing the most accurate, efficient, and easy-to-use automotive technical information.

The value of our technical data lies not only in the essential nature of the information, but also in the presentation, standardisation and reliability of the content, increading the efficiency with which vehicle technicians can carry out their work.

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Autodata’s earliest origins are in a translation agency called Intereurope, founded in 1962.

Through a management buyout, Autodata Ltd. is established in Maidenhead (United Kingdom), publishing vehicle manuals for trade, workshops and DIY manuals for car enthusiasts.

The first electronic product is launched, supplying workshops with technical information in disk format.

Autodata Australia is founded to cater for an increased level of operations in Australia & New Zealand.

The first online product is launched to accommodate the changing structure of modern workshops.

Autodata Germany is founded with a new office and workforce, based in Stuttgart.

Autodata France is launched to support the growing number of workshops across Europe that are using Autodata.

The API product is launched, providing a powerful platform for partners to integrate Autodata’s wealth of technical information into their own applications and solutions.

The new online web application is launched, kicking off a new era of product innovation and advancement for the company.

Autodata acquires SFTA, a technical solution provider and major distributor in France, to provide direct support for French customers.

A major migration project upgrades 100% of customers worldwide over to the new online Autodata, replacing all older online and CD versions.

Autodata acquires Autodata Oy Nordic, a longstanding official distributor in Finland and the Baltic countries.

Autodata for Motorcycles is launched online. The world’s first online multi-manufacturer technical information application for motorcycles, it reflects the growing need for accurate technical information in this part of the industry.

Autodata becomes a part of the Solera Group family, providing exciting new possibilities for further innovation and product enhancements.

Autodata for Motorcycles is now available in 17 languages, putting it on the same level as the cars and vans product.

What we do


We had our origins in a translation agency and publisher of automotive manuals known as Intereurope, founded in 1962. The Autodata you know today was created in 1972, when Intereurope was purchased by two managers in the company. Over the 47 years that followed, we have become iconic in the automotive industry, with our classic automotive manuals now sought after as memorabilia by car enthusiasts.

We eventually published our last hardcopy publication in 2015, a year after the advanced online workshop application was launched. Though the books were renowned as the bible of the workshop, the online application had distinct advantages such as its intuitive use, comprehensive modules with interactive illustrations, always up-to-date information and its ability to build around real business practices.

2014 was a crucial year of development as it saw the complete overhaul of how our technical information was delivered with the introduction of our 
Autodata API: a platform where developers can learn to integrate our data in new solutions. There are now a growing number of aftermarket tools and solutions that are powered by our API data, relying on our technical information and data integration methods.

In 2016, we won the award for 
‘Best Tech Product’ at the Workshop Power Awards
The development of our award-winning workshop application has been more rapid than ever since we won this award, with new features and updates integrated at least once every month.

At the start of 2017 we joined the Solera Group: being a part of this company’s extensive network of automotive businesses has unlocked an even greater potential for future developments. Finishing the year on a high, we took home a Workshop Power Award for the second time in September 2017, this time for
‘Best Software Product’.

We are fully intending to keep product innovation and improvements at an all-time high, living up to our commitment to be the most innovative, accurate and comprehensive supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket.

Our people

Our people are the cornerstone of our ability to deliver the most accurate and reliable technical information to our customers. For this reason, we invest significantly into sourcing exceptional people and providing an environment where employees can develop their skills and embrace our organisational values.

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