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January 22, 2015

AllAutos Advanced Tuning, Brisbane

Allautos Advanced Tuning has been providing quality car service and repairs to the local Brisbane area for over 30 years. The workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and tools and is dedicated to ensuring its team of technicians receive regular training to cater for the rising complexity of modern vehicles.

One of the organisation’s core demands from their customers is for annual vehicle servicing.

Owner, Maurice Donovan, explains: “A key reason why we have been a subscriber of Autodata for the past five years is because of the quality of the service schedules. The information is really extensive, well presented and most importantly caters for the wide range of vehicles that enter our workshop.

“Having the technical information incorporated directly into the service schedules is particularly useful and the ability to print out checklists is also great for customer service and transparency.

“If we did not have quick and easy access to Autodata it could easily add on five or ten minutes to each service”

Maurice Donovan, Owner

“If we did not have access to Autodata it could easily add on five or ten minutes to each service, which would be spent searching through the cars log book and working out the service requirements. Considering we might do over 100 services in some months, the time lost if we operated in this way would be quite significant.”

Allautos also provide a range of other services, including diagnostics and troubleshooting. This requires access to accurate and up-to-date wiring diagrams and pin data.

Maurice adds: “The standard of the interactive diagrams and illustrations is excellent and quite simply without this information it would not be possible to start the majority of diagnostic jobs. It becomes our diagnostic road map and things like the zoom-in and zoom-out feature and search facility can be useful on some of our more complex projects.”

View a demonstration of Autodata’s service schedule facility on YouTube.

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