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May 11, 2015

Almark Garage, Derbyshire

Almark Garage is a local independent garage in Derbyshire, specialising in high quality and good value service and repair solutions.

For over a decade, the garage has been using Autodata products to accommodate the wide variety of vehicles that enter their workshop.

Mark Swift, Owner of Almark Garage, said: “In a typical month we can conduct repairs and servicing on hundreds of models from over 20 or so different car manufacturers. This requires us to have a wide range of technical information at our disposal, something that Autodata has constantly delivered over the years.”

Since forming in 1984, the garage has seen its customer base rise, requiring a number of efficiencies to be made to cater for the increased demand, without compromising the accuracy or reliability of service.

Mark added: “Having quick and easy access to all the information we require, I would estimate, saves our mechanics in the region of 15 minutes on every job. This allows us to take on a greater amount of work, whilst ensuring repairs are carried out correctly and to a high standard. Ultimately, this improves our bottom line at the end of the year and makes sure we have a high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business.”

Almark Garage has witnessed first hand the evolution of Autodata, having started out using the original published manuals, followed by CDs and consequent online versions. The garage was also one of the first in the UK to use the new Autodata online, which was launched towards the end of 2014 and represents the organisation’s most advance product to date.

Mark concluded: “The products constantly seem to be developing and making our lives easier. The feedback on the latest system from our mechanics on the floor has been extremely positive and they love the new features, in particular the ability to access data directly in the service schedule. If I were to take it away from them they would never forgive me.

“Put simply, I just don’t see how our business could function without Autodata. It is a tool that our mechanics value for the quality of the technical information and diagrams, and as a business we rely on heavily for invoicing and estimates.”

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