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March 14, 2018

Drive-Tech Autos, Slough

Drive-tech Autos is an independent workshop that has carried out servicing, diagnostics and
repair on all types of vehicles in Slough since 2012.

“I’ve used Autodata throughout my career – the books, the CDs and the online version. So,
when we set up Drive-tech Autos in 2012, we knew that it was a tool we needed” said Chris
Moxon, Managing Director at Drive-tech Autos.

He added: “We like that Autodata is always getting better. They are always adding new
information that makes it easier for us to do our jobs.”

Autodata covers 99% of vehicles on the road and has provided technical information to
automotive professionals for over 45 years. This workshop tool has evolved beyond
expectations to provide technicians with the most workshop and technician friendly automotive
technical data solution available.

The 3-person garage commonly works on 4-6 vehicles per day and subscribes to a 2-user
Autodata licence. They regularly use Autodata as a guide in various aspects of the workshop,
from creating quotes for customers in the reception area to looking up technical data in the
workshop on their laptop and phones.

“We mainly use Autodata for quickly looking up information like tightening torques, oil quantities,
tyre pressure, and electrical components, it’s a useful bit of kit that saves us about 10-15 minutes
on each job because the information we need is right there when we need it,” said Mr Moxon.

He continued to say “we also use their wiring diagrams, know fixes & bulletins a few times per
week, and we use their diagnostics the most, at least once a day. Now that you can find a
known fix by entering a trouble code, it’s even more useful and saves us more time”.

“We think it’s a brilliant tool that helps us to run our business effectively” he concluded.

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