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March 7, 2017

Fenn Motor Works, Reading

Fenn Motor Works is a specialist workshop based in Reading. Although Fenn Motor Works service and repairs all make and models, 80% of the vehicles that come into Fenn Motor Works are high-end. The workshop itself has been trading since 2003, however, the Fenn Motor Works technicians range from those with over 30 years’ experience to apprentices with just two years’ experience.

Fenn Motor Works has subscribed to Autodata for over 4 years, when asked why? Simon Fenn, owner of Fenn Motor Works said, “Cars used to be pretty straightforward, it was just plugs and points; the only technical stuff you needed to know where dwell angles, spark plug gaps, timing, and that kind of thing. Then it all changed, we don’t always know what type of car is going to come into the workshop and sometimes you need more information, that’s what Autodata provides.

He went on to say, “Even with 9 technicians with varied experience and skills you’ve got to have something like Autodata, you just couldn’t function without it.

Nick Wyeth, a senior technician at Fenn Motor Works added “We use Autodata every day mostly for finding out the service schedules and other information such as the type and quantity of oil required. All the information you need is all there online and it’s dead easy to find and to work with.”

Nick continued,” Working without Autodata nowadays would be a struggle. It makes finding vehicle information easy – you can basically tap the registration number into the Autodata system and all the answers you want for that car pops up. It has diagnostics, if you want to look up a diagnostic code, it’s there and it also gives you other information you probably wouldn’t get from anywhere else. So yeah, I would thoroughly recommend it I think it’s a great system.”

For more information about the Autodata web application click here.

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