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May 1, 2015

John Hall Auto Electrician, North Yorkshire

John Hall is a fully trained vehicle technician, specialising in the auto electrical diagnostic and repair business. Based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, the local sole trader prides himself on using the very latest and high specification equipment to deliver solutions across a wide range of vehicles. The business has been using Autodata as its supplier of technical information for a number of years, particularly to assist with the growing complexity of modern motor vehicles and consequent increased level of electronic control.

John said: “Because of our rural location, I have ended up working on just about every type of vehicle you could imagine. This brings a number of challenges, including the need to have a wide range of easily accessible technical information at my disposal.

“I have been using Autodata for many years and the quality of the product really does continue to go from strength to strength. There is a massive amount packed into the new online system, however most importantly it is extremely easy to use and navigate around.”

John particularly values the electrical information available for over 29,000 models, including wiring diagrams, battery disconnection and reconnection, diagnostic trouble codes and electrical component locations.

John added: “The quality of the wiring diagrams is outstanding and they are designed in a way that makes my life an awful lot easier. Every diagram is laid out in the same format so that no interpretation is required from manufacturer to manufacturer. This undoubtedly saves time and allows me to take on additional work.”

As a UK customer, John also benefits from Autodata’s technical and software support services. These provide customers with access to expert advice and solutions over the phone.

John concluded: “The support provided is second to none and whenever I have needed to call, a genuine expert is always at the end of the line. They really do understand the trade and always deliver highly accurate and reliable advice on often very technical issues.”

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