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May 1, 2015

Metropolitan Autogas, Brisbane

Metropolitan Autogas is a family owned LPG autogas conversion and repair specialist based in Brisbane, Queensland. The business has been operating for the past 21 years and started using Autodata in 2012 to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of their front of house operations.

Director, Tanith Tritton, explains: “As with the majority of other small business owners, one of the main problems I face is scarcity of time.

“In the past it was simply not possible to accurately research the labor time for each repair or service. This often led to under-estimating on jobs, which had a big impact on our takings.

“This is why Autodata’s estimate calculator is such a valuable tool – incredibly simple to use and it has made such a difference to our business performance. I use the feature on a daily basis and it removes the risk of errors and saves time, particularly now all the parts are automatically listed.”

“Autodata’s estimate calculator is a such a valuable tool – incredibly simple to use and it has made such a difference to our business performance.”

Tanith Tritton, Director

The workshop offers a full range of diagnostic services, where Autodata’s known fixes and bulletins assist during the assessment phase. This feature combines technical service bulletins direct from manufactures and industry knowledge gained from Autodata’s skilled technicians, in addition to reports from current subscribers.

Tanith adds: “This gives us access to information not normally available to independent workshops and that provides us with a massive advantage. This is especially the case where the fault could be the result of a number of different and complex issues, which all require in-depth checks. Having the known fixes available allows us to prioritise the order we start investigating, which can save us time and provides on many occasions an early diagnosis.”

For demonstrations of Autodata’s service schedules and known fixes visit the Autodata Australia YouTube channel.

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