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February 28, 2017

One Stop Service Centre, Newbury

One Stop Service Centre is an independent workshop based in Newbury. The service centre carries out servicing, repairs and MOT on vehicles for Newbury residents, local businesses and Berkshire council.

Peter Jung, Joint Owner of One Stop Service Center, said: “Although servicing and MOT are the backbones of our business, we have two fully qualified technicians with over 40 years’ experience, two MOT testers and two apprentices in the workshop, that do everything a vehicle needs to stay roadworthy.”

He added, “We never know what’s going to come through the door so Autodata is a fantastic tool for us. We are more confident as business owners, as it reassures us that we are all carrying out the correct procedures to the highest standards possible. It’s a great comfort to know that the information we use is always up-to-date and that Autodata is always developing something new to make our work easier and our workshop more efficient.”

Today, Autodata’s online workshop tool covers over 32,000 car and van models from 136 vehicle manufacturers and includes over 125,000 wiring diagrams, covering 500,000 step-by-step procedures.

Chris Ielden, Joint Owner of One Stop Service Centre, said: “Autodata helps us to get the job done right, the first time. We want to return our customers’ keys and for them to be completely happy with our work every time.”

Chris continued to say: “Autodata adds an extra layer of security to our work. With Autodata, we have confidence, we know everything we need to, like that we’re using the right quality and quantity of oil, we know that we can successfully reset all warning lights, and that we can carry out effective diagnostics. So, it’s very handy to have.”

“In short, it has been valuable to us. Autodata helps us daily, I couldn’t see the business being as efficient without it. To be honest, it’s a tool we wouldn’t cope without.”

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