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October 19, 2017

OOCAR connects consumers to cars with Autodata APIS

OOCAR is a connected car data and services platform that operates in the automotive market.

Since 2015, OOCAR has been helping drivers to save time and money by analysing their driving and enabling them to monitor the health of their vehicles. The app reminds drivers when regular servicing is due, alerts them to unforeseen vehicle problems, locates workshops with the best deals, and also provides more day-to-day services such as assisting drivers to find fuel and parking.

OOCAR also helps workshops to increase customer loyalty by enabling them to stay connected with their customers. The OOCAR OBD device enables workshops to access their customers’ vehicle data, such as mileage, making it easy for workshops to identify when key operations should take place and plan accordingly. The application for businesses then allows workshops to easily send customised quotes and to schedule appointments with their customers.

“Without Autodata, we would have been limited in the precision and detail of the information that we could provide to end-users, and in terms of compatibility with our business clients.”

Phillipe Chassany, Founder and CEO of OOCAR


The Challenge

In order for OOCAR to identify vehicles, the application required access to in-depth and precise automotive technical information.

Without accurate and inclusive data, OOCAR would have been limited in the quality of automotive technical information they could provide to their end-users (drivers). The compatibility of OOCAR’s application with their business clients in the automotive aftermarket and insurance industry would also have been problematic.


“We evaluated other technical information providers, but found that Autodata was the most extensive and exact source of automotive data, and felt that they could best accompany our technical objectives,” said Philippe Chassany, Founder and CEO of OOCAR.

After evaluating all solutions, and meeting with Autodata at Equip Auto in 2015, OOCAR began integration with several Autodata APIs, including vehicle information, labour times, service information, parts information, and illustrations.

After only 5 days of reviewing Autodata’s static and dynamic documentation, OOCAR began coding. “The integration in our NodeJS backend worked like a charm,” said Mr Chassany.


OOCAR’s experience in automotive mobile applications, and Autodata’s breadth and width of data coverage, give OOCAR a strong competitive position. OOCAR has worked closely with Autodata to provide drivers with the first consumer-facing mobile application based on comprehensive automotive technical information.

“Since integrating Autodata, our product has improved, which has contributed to the signing of important commercial relationships, and elevated the standard of information we provide,” said Mr Chassany.

“Instead of integrating several APIs from different providers, we rely on Autodata to gather, verify, and standardise all the manufacturer information, which is more productive and saves us time that can be utilised elsewhere in our business,” he added.

He continued – “Now that Autodata’s APIs are integrated into OOCAR, we will continue to enrich our product offering to ensure that drivers have the right data at the right time and that businesses are able to use the data to provide the best products and services.”

 Visit for more information on Autodata APIs.

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