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January 16, 2018

Redlands Tyre & Mechanical, Capalaba

Redlands Tyre & Mechanical is an auto repair workshop which has carried out everything from servicing and diagnostics, to engine rebuilds, in Capalaba for 13 years. With a mix of experienced technicians and apprentices, Redlands sees a wide variety of vehicles come through their doors every day.

Redlands has used Autodata for more than 10 years. Owner Scott Redlands explains: “We get every different make and model – that’s pretty hard to keep up with, so we needed something to keep us up-to-date with it all… We use Autodata every day – all the mechanics and the apprentices.”

Redlands Tyres estimates its mechanics each use Autodata half a dozen to a dozen times a day, particularly for resetting service lights, looking up P-codes, general torque specifications and timing belt replacements.

Like all Autodata subscribers, Redlands has access to Autodata’s technical support helpline, which they have found invaluable in getting to the bottom of the toughest issues. “If we ever have any problems… we just give them a ring and generally within ten or fifteen minutes we’ve got a phone call back saying this is what the problem is, or this is how you can get around it all… they’re very very good,” Scott continued.

Autodata’s built-in estimate calculator has also proven helpful for Redlands in providing their customers with accurate quotes: “We had a Hyundai in the other day, a diesel Hyundai, a late model one – it needed a clutch fitted. We weren’t quite sure what sort of job it was… Autodata said three and a half hours, and it was pretty well within the guidelines.”

Overall, Scott emphasises the critical importance of a reliable and accurate automotive data solution to the needs of his workshop – “A workshop of my size without Autodata would be very difficult because we do such a variety of different cars. Without Autodata, to be honest, I don’t think we could survive.”

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