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July 31, 2017

Yuasa Batteries leads market innovation with Autodata’s battery replacement API

Century Yuasa Batteries is Australia’s oldest and most renowned battery manufacturer. The company produces over 1.5 million starting, lighting, and ignition batteries for the automotive industry.


The rapid rate of change, diversity of car parcs, and emerging automotive technology presents challenges for aftermarket businesses worldwide. The Australian and New Zealand aftermarket and car parcs are no different. Vehicles have become more complex and there is a larger variety of vehicles on the road at the same time than ever before. The accelerated progress of technology has led to consumers with less loyalty, higher expectations, and lower tolerance for substandard services.  As a battery manufacturer, Century Yuasa Batteries and their Automotive customers are affected by all of these challenges.

“We are a full-service provider. As well as providing market-leading products, we also provide customers with the knowledge and training required to correctly fit and service our products in line with our rapidly changing marketplace,” explained Andrew Bottoms, Marketing Manager at Century Yuasa Batteries.


Century Yuasa Batteries not only meet expectations, this 90-year-old business strives to exceed them. To continue exceeding stakeholder expectations, they aim to be the first to market with new products and services. In August 2016, Century Yuasa Batteries integrated Autodata’s Battery Replacement API and Repair Times API with their own systems to create Australia’s first full solution ‘Battery Finder’.


This new solution provides retailers with a significant advantage over their competitors, enabling retailers to provide in-depth and accurate battery replacement information efficiently. “Since its launch last year, the Battery Finder has been a key component in negotiations to secure prospective business and retain existing customers,“ said Andrew Bottoms. “Many of our stockists, resellers, and field sales network utilise the Battery Finder features to access battery replacement times and instructions. The launch has been such a success, that we are beginning to roll out a similar system in New Zealand.”

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