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October 6, 2020

Autodocta – Honda CR-V

VEHICLE – 2011 Honda CR-V

ISSUE – Vibration through vehicle when engine idling or on light throttle

A service customer of ours has a 2011 Honda CR-V which is suffering with a vibration through the vehicle when the engine is idling or on light throttle. The vibration is more pronounced in cold weather. We have experienced the vibration but are struggling to find the source of the fault. Is this something you have heard of before?

Yes, we have experienced this vibration on CR-V models. The rear exhaust silencer mounting rubbers are excessively compressed due to the silencer hanger brackets being incorrectly positioned. Remove the rear exhaust silencer. Adjust the rear exhaust silencer hanger brackets, raise the LH hanger bracket by 2-3 mm and lower the RH hanger bracket by 2-3 mm. Refit rear exhaust silencer. Carry out road test to confirm the fault has been rectified.

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