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November 27, 2023

Proven mechanical & electrical repair fixes from Autodata

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Tell us the make & model of the car plus the year of manufacture.

Lexus RX (2016)

Provide an overview of the problem.

Water ingress into load area

Please provide details of the issue you have and what you have tried so far.

We are having a problem finding the source of a water ingress on a 2016 Lexus RX. The load area carpet is wet after heavy rain. We have checked the tailgate weather seal for any signs of damage and checked the tailgate drain holes for blockages but all seems OK. We have carried out several water tests but cannot see how the water is entering the vehicle. Have you got any advice for us?

What does Autodata recommend?

The problem you have described has been reported by other Lexus RX owners with models built up to 09/18. The water ingress is through the rear spoiler weather seal which is deformed due to excessive vibration. Remove the rear spoiler and fit new rear spoiler weather seals. To prevent re-occurrence of the fault, fit modified rear spoiler vibration damper pads, available from Toyota parts department, positioned as shown. Refit the rear spoiler, ensuring the weather seals are not deformed during fitment. Dry out the vehicle as necessary.

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