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April 22, 2016

Workshops to save time with the launch of a new Autodata feature

Autodata has launched a new dedicated module to their Online Workshop Tool for changing brakes, saving workshops time and protecting them from the cost of incorrect procedures.

The valuable new ‘Change Brakes’ feature brings together all aspects of changing brakes from several data sets into one easy to use module, ensuring the correct processes are followed on even the most complex vehicles. This section includes all the appropriate Technical Specifications (lubricants, tightening torques, disc & drum dimensions), Jacking Points and Repair Times. More importantly, the module includes specific procedures for Jacking Mode and Electric Parking Brake, in line with Autodata’s philosophy of saving mechanics time and making sure they are aware of everything they need know in the correct context.

For example, many modern vehicles are equipped with self-levelling or dynamic suspension systems. Some are relatively simple and need no special service procedures, but some vehicles, particularly 4x4s, are equipped with height adjustable suspension that require specific procedures prior to jacking up or raising the vehicle on a wheel free lifting platform. To change a set of brakes on a modern 4×4, such as a Range Rover, a technician needs to be aware of all model-specific procedures.

“We endeavour to be the most business focused and comprehensive technical information provider to the automotive aftermarket. This means going beyond just providing raw data. We develop our products with technicians in mind, providing all the information they need to complete repairs, services or maintenance procedures.”

Rod Williams, Autodata CEO

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