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October 14, 2015

Autodata increases support for next generation of technicians

Autodata has further enhanced its decades of support for colleges and training establishments with a new subscription plan, designed to give every student the opportunity to access affordable technical information as part of their education.

The UK’s leading technical information provider has supported this group for over 25 years, dating back to the provision of paper-based manuals right through to the sophisticated online systems of today.

The programme has expanded considerably in recent years and this latest initiative widens the range of centres that can benefit and utilise Autodata as part of their teaching.

The new plan is offering qualified and accredited centres full access to their premium ‘Diagnostic & Repair’ subscription on a 30-user licence for the significantly reduced annual cost of a standard 1-user licence. 

‘Diagnostic & Repair’ is Autodata’s most advanced platform to date, with comprehensive technical information for over 29,000 models across 80 different vehicle manufacturers. This includes detailed service schedules, interactive component locations, quick search for diagnostic trouble codes and interactive coloured wiring diagrams.

Rod Williams, Autodata Chief Executive, said: “A large amount of technicians currently working in the UK will have grown up using Autodata throughout their education and we feel a responsibility to ensure this continues into the future.

“Learning about the importance of using accurate and up-to-date technical information is vital for any student heading into the industry and this package makes it feasible for education providers to incorporate Autodata as part of their programmes.” 

Find out more about our heavily discounted subscription rates here.

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