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March 27, 2023

Proven mechanical fixes for those trickier jobs

What’s the problem?

Kia Sportage: Engine fails to start and immobilizer warning lamp flashing

We have a 2012 Kia Sportage in the workshop that has a non start issue. The vehicle was running when it arrived to us but now it will not start. We have carried out some basic engine and electrical checks but cannot find the cause of the non start fault. There are several immobilizer trouble codes stored in the fault memory that may or may not be related to this fault. Have you any ideas where to start to fix this car?

The fix

Yes, we are aware of a problem affecting Sportage models produced 2010-16. The cause of the non start fault is most likely due to a poor connection between the immobilizer control module and the wiring harness multi-plug. Disconnect the battery before carrying out any repair work on the vehicle wiring. Cut the immobilizer control module wires approximately 120 mm from the wiring harness multi-plug and strip back the wiring insulation. Disconnect the wiring harness multi-plug from the immobilizer control module and discard. Using the wiring harness multi-plug repair kit, available from Kia parts department, fit a modified wiring harness multi-plug. Connect the new wiring harness multi-plug to the immobilizer control module. Ensure the wiring harness multi-plug is fully engaged and latched to the immobilizer control module. Erase any stored trouble codes and start the engine to confirm the fault has been rectified.

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