Frequently Asked Questions

How do I retrieve my forgotten password?

You can easily reset your password via your Autodata login screen. Just click 'Trouble Logging in", enter your username and registered email and we will email you a link to reset it.

What devices can Autodata be accessed on?

Autodata is an online tool available for Vehicles and Motorcycles. It can be used on PC, Mac, mobile and tablet to accommodate the different requirements of modern workshops. This feature is available as standard and requires no downloads or installs.

Do I need an internet connection to properly benefit from the service?

Yes, Autodata is fully online meaning workshops will require an internet connection to access the platform. This allows us to make live data updates and instantly enable new features and diagnostic information without waiting for the latest versions or having to worry about new computer installs or configurations.

I keep getting the following message: “Another device is already logged on”

Access to Autodata is restricted according to your subscription level of users. Registered licence users do have the ability to access Autodata on multiple devices, but not at the same time.

If you encounter this message please check that all your registered user accounts are activated or contact us and we will be happy to provide the best option to suit your business needs.

How can I check the number of users on my current subscription?

Our Customer Support Team are available Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:30 GMT and can confirm your current licence levels. You can contact the team by email ( or phone (+44 1628 688111).

I would like to add another user to my Autodata subscription

Our Customer Support Team will be able to discuss the best option to suit your business needs. The team can be contacted Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:30 GMT by email ( or phone (+44 1628 688111).

How do I login to Autodata?

Subscribers to Autodata online can access the platform via the link on the top menu or by visiting

How many subscriptions and licences do I need?

Each workshop/location subscribes to one licence, which can provide access to one, two or five users at the same time and is subject to a 12-month subscription. For more information, see our handy graphic here. 

Do I need to download or install anything to use Autodata on a tablet?

No. You can use Autodata on any device using your usual login and password details, without having to download or install anything.

Is the product information regularly updated?

Yes. On average updates take place three times a month, developing the product functions, features, content and illustrations.

Can I use Autodata and Autodata motorcycles at the same time?

If you have a subscription to both, you can seamlessly switch between them in the product interface. For 2 users to use the product simultaneously you will need at least a 2-user licence.

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