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July 30, 2015

Save time and increase accuracy with Autodata’s all-new interactive coloured wiring diagrams

Autodata’s industry leading interactive wiring diagrams have been enhanced even further with the introduction of colour to each individual wire. This development will significantly improve the user experience, save time and help increase the accuracy of electrical repairs.

The country’s leading supplier of technical information currently features an extensive 290,000 wiring diagram references across its 29,000 models, each presented in

the same format to ensure no interpretation is required across manufactures. 

Each diagram is produced by Autodata’s experienced team of highly skilled auto electricians, who dedicate themselves to producing up to 30 separate wiring diagrams for each model. This latest product improvement is already accessible on the majority of models on Autodata’s innovative new web application.

Autodata’s interactive wiring diagrams allow users to zoom in and out, search for components, select relevant sections and click through for further details and related data. Coloured wiring was specifically added to cater for the increasing complexity of modern vehicles.

Max Lienard, Head of Product and Market Development at Autodata, said: “Modern electrical systems and wiring harnesses are becoming increasingly complex and even the most experienced technicians can find repairs daunting without assistance. The addition of coloured wires is another big step forward that will continue to save our subscribers time and improve the user experience.”

As part of Autodata’s commitment to constant product development, the organisation is expected to a make a series of further announcements throughout the year, with several key product updates scheduled. 

Lienard added: “When designing our latest web application it was essential that a capability existed to make real-time updates for both our technical data and product features. This not only ensures Autodata subscribers always receive the most accurate and reliable information but also the very latest in product innovation, without having to wait for new editions.”
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