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November 14, 2022

Training on LiDAR technology coming to Autodata this month

Advanced driver assist systems rely on sensors to determine what’s happening in the environment surrounding the vehicle and how to respond accordingly. With LiDAR-equipped vehicles becoming increasingly common, it is crucial that every modern technician understands the different types of LiDAR and their basic operating principles.

In our latest training module, launching October 19, we will give you an introduction to LiDAR technology, taking a look at what these sensors look like, where you’ll find them and how they actually work.

Introducing LiDAR Systems – New Autodata training module alert

As manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of vehicle automation, and move towards semi-driverless and even fully driverless vehicles, additional sensing capabilities are required to ensure that automated systems can detect, analyse and navigate every possible traffic scenario – no matter the complexity. This is where LiDAR comes in.

The technology itself is not new, but it’s only been quite recently that LiDAR has been deployed by car manufacturers, as the sensors become more affordable, and the need for their highly-accurate detection characteristics increases.

In the latest addition to our Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) Essentials training course, you will be introduced to LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology.

The topics covered in this training module include:

  • The basic operating principles of LiDAR technology
  • The different types of LiDAR sensors used in the automotive space
  • The pros and cons of the variants of LiDAR sensors

As this technology becomes more and more commonplace it is vital that every modern technician understands how these advanced sensors operate and are prepared to work on them.

This module will be the latest addition to our growing library of over 350 technical training videos, covering the following key areas:

Electrical   |   Engine   |   Chassis   |   Drivetrain   |   Driver Assist

HVAC   |   Diagnostics   |   Servicing   |   Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Eligible subscribers can jump into this new module using the Training button in their Autodata account from October 19. Happy training!

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