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September 5, 2016

Aftermarket to benefit from Autodata’s evolution

Autodata has renovated their industry renowned online workshop application. 

Since Autodata launched their new online workshop application two years ago, the leading provider of automotive technical information has been focused on developing the features and user experience of their products even further. 

Although Autodata is consistently evolving, making regular updates to features and introducing new practical modules, Autodata has now made a series of distinguished developments that not only enhance the look and feel of Autodata, but also provide even more time-saving features and modules, that make it even easier for mechanics to select vehicles and to access the technical information they need.

New and enhanced features include: new images, improved page navigation, more focused support for mobile devices; ‘quick links’, a feature designed for speed, efficiency and easy access to common service operations; a new engine oil module that provides a clear and efficient layout of engine oil information such as filling capacity and oil grade options.

Autodata’s evolution will not stop here, regular product updates will continue as usual to provide the most accurate and user-friendly automotive technical data to workshops. Current Autodata subscribers are not required to take any action, they will have immediate access to the renovated application, as the changes will occur automatically.   However, subscribers to Autodata’s online workshop tool who wish to also subscribe to Autodata for motorcycles can now combine these two products on the same platform, enabling them to easily switch between, cars, vans, and motorcycles.

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