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July 30, 2015

Autodata expands API offering with known fixes and bulletins

Autodata has significantly expanded the range of coverage available for businesses to integrate with Autodata content, including a new ‘Known Fixes and Bulletins’ API.

Working with Intel Mashery, the Autodata API has been designed to allow businesses to easily integrate technical information into their own systems with minimal investment in both time frames for technical development and associated costs.

This latest API advancement provides access to over 7,000 quick fixes to problems across 51 different vehicle manufacturers. These are obtained directly from manufacturer bulletins and Autodata’s own subscribers, with remedies produced in-house by a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Fixes cover a wide range of technical issues and can be segmented into categories, including engine management, steering, suspension, chassis, ABS brakes and drivability.

Other API’s added in the June release include: service indicators, auxiliary drive belt procedures, air conditioning filling capacity information and images, plus lubricants and fluids used across a range of systems. 

Autodata API Product Manager, Claire Denton, said: “This latest release demonstrates the rapid progress being made to provide an ever-increasing range of technical information to support numerous individual solutions. We have established a seamless process that is seeing emerging APIs pass through the Alpha and Beta stages to launch extremely efficiently, and it will not be long before Autodata’s extensive catalogue of information is available.”

Autodata will progressively make all of its content available through the API, including vehicle identification, technical specifications, service instructions, labour times, repair procedures, images and diagrams.

Denton added: “We work with a wide range of partners to support their solutions, including consumer automotive products and services. The feedback has been extremely positive and we are already seeing some great success stories where Autodata’s information is at the core of some really innovative designs.”

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