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July 14, 2015

New to Autodata: July 2015 vehicle updates and feature enhancements

During July a series of updates took place, including the addition of new models, new vehicle data, plus a range of feature enhancements as part of the product’s development to continually reflect the demands of a modern workshop.

Vehicle updates

  • 80 new models were added, including: Audi Q5 (13-15), Ford focus (14-15), Hyundai i10 (14-15), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (14-15), Nissan Juke (14-15), Skoda Rapid (13-15) and Volvo C70 (09-10).
  • 3,606 vehicle updates occurred on new models, with information obtained directly from vehicle manufacturers.
  • 2,208 vehicle updates occurred on existing models, including: key programming, repair times, service schedules, TPMS, PIN data and wiring diagrams.

Feature enhancements

The following features were introduced or modified to improve the user experience and increase workshop efficiency:

Component search improvements

To assist users in locating the correct component on our interactive diagrams we have added a drop-down option to display the full list of available components. There is also now a ‘clear search’ function that allows users to clear the search bar with a single click.

Change engine option

Users can now easily switch between specific engines for a chosen manufacturer or model using the new ‘change engine’ option in the job folder. Once a new engine is selected the user will be returned to the page they were on. 

Coloured Wiring Diagrams

An additional 10,000 unique coloured wiring diagrams covering 25,000 models are now available to subscribers.

Print option on component pages

Users now have the option to print on the component pages in the same way they can on other parts of the web application. 

Additional component images

We have added another 50 generic component images that will appear on interactive diagrams and component pages. 

Image upgrade

Service and component location illustrations have been upgraded to higher resolution images, providing users with greater detail and clarity.

Coming soon

During August, Autodata will continue to make further updates to enhance the user experience and ensure subscribers are always receiving the latest technical information and innovative features:

  • New models and vehicle updates
  • New known fixes and bulletins
  • New interactive coloured wiring diagrams
  • Enhanced interactive capability for component locations
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