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October 25, 2023

Proven mechanical & electrical repair fixes from Autodata

Need help diagnosing a fix for your vehicle? Our experts provide help for those trickier automotive fixes.  

Tell us the make & model of the car plus the year of manufacture

Toyota C-HR.

Provide an overview of the problem

Abnormal noise in area of bulkhead.

Please provide details of the issue you have and what you have tried so far

A customer of ours has a 2016 Toyota C-HR 1,2 petrol and they are complaining of an abnormal noise in the bulkhead area when driving the vehicle. We have heard the noise on road test but we are having difficulty finding the source of the noise in the workshop. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this noise?

What does Autodata recommend?

Yes, we have heard of this fault and it affects all C-HR models with 8NR-FTS engine code up to 01/18. The cause of the noise is the turbocharger (TC) wastegate regulating valve vibrating due to vacuum pressure fluctuations. To rectify this fault, fit a modified turbocharger (TC) wastegate regulating valve vacuum pipe. The modified vacuum pipe requires an additional retaining clip to hold it securely in place. Carry out road test to confirm the noise has been eliminated.

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