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Boost Workshop Efficiency with Advanced Auto Repair Software

With 99% vehicle coverage, Autodata ensures you have the data and resource to accurately diagnose and repair almost any vehicle that rolls into your workshop.

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    • Wiring diagrams
    • Advanced diagnostics
    • Service schedules
    • Technical specifications
    • Repair time estimator
    • Known fixes & TSBs
    • Autodata Training


Unlimited access for just £1

600,000 technical repair procedures


360,000 car wiring diagrams


Covers 99% of vehicles on the road

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Autodata is developed by automotive experts who understand the intricacies and challenges of auto repair and diagnosis.

Our automotive software offers an intuitive user interface designed to be easy to navigate, even under the high-pressure conditions of a busy workshop.

The user-friendly design minimises the learning curve and allows users to quickly access the information they need, enhancing the efficiency of the workflow.

Access step-by-step repair procedures, car wiring diagrams, DTCs and much more, to help technicians reduce diagnostic errors, increase productivity, and stay ahead in the industry.

How Autodata auto repair software helps to increase efficiency and profitability

Interactive Car Wiring Diagrams

Over 360,000 car wiring diagrams in an easy-to-read, standardised format, to help you quickly and accurately troubleshoot auto electrical problems.

Colour-coded, with traceable wire paths, searchable components and a handy zoom, drag, and move feature for easy viewing.

Our wiring diagrams are printable to A3 with flag and markers to ensure precise matching.

Advanced Auto Diagnostics

Guesswork in an auto workshop can lead to misdiagnosis, unnecessary component replacements, and increased costs. Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of efficient vehicle repair.

Autodata provides more than 600,000 step-by-step, technical procedures, an extensive database of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), the meaning of each code along with detailed descriptions of potential causes and solutions to systematically narrow down the root cause of a problem.

Autodata Training offers more than 350 training videos and is included as standard subscription. Automotive technology and wiring diagrams are constantly evolving.

Automotive Training Software

Autodata Training offers 350+ training videos and is included as standard with a Cars & Vans subscription. Automotive technology is constantly evolving.

Autodata Training ensures that apprentices are learning the latest techniques and keeping current with new technology.

Autodata equips all team members with the required skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in the automotive industry.

Auto Repair Time Estimator

Accurately estimate the time required to complete specific vehicle service, repair, and maintenance work to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service.

Front-of-house staff can quickly calculate repair costs and provide customers with accurate quotes to increase transparency and build trust.

Accurate and Reliable Vehicle Data

Autodata provides a wealth of detailed, up-to-date vehicle data, with 40,000 updates in the past 12 months alone.

We provide technical specifications including engine specs, tyre size, inflation and pressure information, . oil types and other fluid capacities and recommendations, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), and verified fixes.

OEM Verified Service Schedules

Official manufacturer verified service schedules to ensure optimal performance, safety, and longevity of your customer’s vehicle.

We provide OEM verified service schedules for vehicles of all ages, including new vehicles to avoid customers inadvertently voiding their vehicle’s warranty.


  • Wiring diagrams
  • Service schedules
  • Diagnostics
  • Specifications
  • Pin data
  • Labour estimates
  • Known fixes & bulletins
and much more…

Unlimited access for just £1
#1 online tool for workshops