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February 23, 2021

Autodocta – 2013 Toyota Auris

VEHICLE: 2013 Toyota Auris

ISSUE: Retractable door mirrors slow to fold in

We have a 2013 Toyota Auris in for service and the customer has complained that the retractable door mirrors are slow to fold in. We have tested the retractable door mirrors and they do seem to be slow in operation. We have lubricated the moving parts but have seen no improvement. Can you help?

Yes, the Auris model suffers with the fault you described and it is due to the door mirror wiring harness being incorrectly routed. Remove door mirror cover. Ensure the wiring harness is not trapped under the door mirror housing moulding edge in the area indicated (fig. 1.1.). Re-route the door mirror wiring harness as necessary. Ensure the wiring harness has adequate free play. Repeat procedure for opposite side. Re-check the operation of the retractable door mirrors.

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