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July 21, 2021

Autodocta – 2016 DS 3

VEHICLE: 2016 DS 3

ISSUE: Abnormal noise from front of engine


We have 2016 1,2 DS 3 in the workshop and the customer is complaining of an abnormal noise from the front of the engine. It sounds as if it might be coming from one of the pulleys but we cannot be sure which pulley is at fault. Can you help?

We are aware of an abnormal noise on several DS models up to 11/09/16 (RPO 14552) with EB2DT engine code. The issue is with the crankshaft pulley not secured properly due to loose retaining bolts. Using repair kit, available from DS parts department, replace the crankshaft pulley. Renew the crankshaft pulley retaining bolts. Observe the correct crankshaft pulley retaining bolt tightening sequence (fig. 1.1.). Tighten the bolts in three stages: Stage 1: 20 Nm. Stage 2: 25 Nm. Stage 3: + 45°. This should rectify the fault.

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