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Empowering smarter decisions through software, enriched data, and AI

See how Solera’s innovative solutions come together to deliver insights that accelerate business outcomes.

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Work with OEMs to gather vehicle data, standardize parts supply processes, and unify their global brand footprint.


Manage every stage of the claims process with an integrated AI-driven platform that offers accurate and efficient repair solutions.

Digital data providers

Provide intelligent data that addresses vehicle safety, transportation logistics, and fleet efficiency to enable reliable services and more driver uptime.

Repair and aftermarket shops

Track the entire repair process with solutions that communicate directly with insurers, manage customer relationships, streamline workflows, and offer accurate repair data for productive operations.

Transportation and service fleets

Save time, increase safety, and improve customer service with an integrated workflow, video-based safety, and unified telematics solutions.


Create the perfect customer experience by streamlining the car-buying and servicing experience.


Whether working independently or as part of an insurance company, take advantage of our easy-to-use and powerful tools to increase mobility, accuracy, and productivity.

Parts distributors

Connect with suppliers that provide the right parts and the best deals.

Salvage yards

Provide the auto repair business with recycled inventory from totaled vehicles efficiently and profitably.