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July 4, 2024

National Girls in Automotive Day: Highlighting the female contribution and opportunity

Women still make up a small percentage of the automotive industry’s workforce. We find out why and what the industry is doing to boost female hires

Today, we are excited to feature an article by our colleague, Irene Castelanotti, recently published on Just Auto. In her article, Irene explores the significance of “National Girls in Automotive Day” and examines the current state of female representation in the automotive sector. Despite some progress, women still make up less than 20% of the workforce in the UK’s automotive industry.

Irene discusses several critical issues, including the industry’s ongoing shortage of skilled professionals and the barriers preventing more women from entering the field. She emphasizes the need for greater empowerment of young women and better promotion of the diverse roles available in the automotive sector, from AI experts to scientists developing new EV technologies.

Additionally, Irene highlights the importance of role models, support networks, and inclusive apprenticeship schemes in encouraging more women to pursue automotive careers. She also points out that investing in the skills of current technicians and implementing supportive software solutions are vital for meeting the evolving demands of the industry.

We invite everyone to read her inspiring full article on Just Auto, and join us in reflecting on how we can contribute to a more inclusive and diverse future in the automotive industry.

You can read Irene Castelanotti’s full article here.

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