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February 1, 2016

Autodata confirms acquisition of Autodata Oy Nordic

Autodata, the global automotive technical information provider, has today announced that it has purchased Autodata Oy Nordic, a longstanding official distributor in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia for over 34 years.

The acquisition comes a year after Autodata launched a completely new online product to provide workshops with technical information, instructions and diagnostics in the most advanced, comprehensive and business focussed structure to date.

After Autodata itself was acquired in May 2014 the company has accelerated its growth plans in Europe, supported by expanding its local sales force across a number of key regions where it holds many strong relationships and extensive industry support.

Acquiring Autodata Oy Nordic greatly supports this strategy, along with gaining a closer connection with its customers in four growing European markets. This follows the purchase of SFTA – a major technical solution provider in France – and further acquisitions are planned over the coming months; reinforcing the company’s dominant position and ambitions for the future in the European market.

Over its 40 years Autodata has become internationally renowned for its reliable and comprehensive technical data, trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. In Finland, over 70% of workshops currently use Autodata as a valuable workshop tool and this move will help strengthen Autodata’s stronghold in Europe, especially with the potential for growth in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Rod Williams, Chief Executive of Autodata, said: “Autodata Oy Nordic represent one of Autodata’s longest standing distributor relationships; having worked tirelessly since 1981 to ensure that Autodata is a go-to solution for workshops across Finland and other Baltic regions. To have them as a bigger part of our future allows us to combine our efforts in growing our customer base and increasing on-the-ground contact, making Autodata an even more powerful solution to the whole aftermarket”.

Ismo Auraneva, CEO at Autodata Oy Nordic, added: “Autodata has been the core component of our business since we started selling paper-based manuals over 30 years ago. During this time we have seen them transform into the most advanced online supplier of technical information in the market, ensuring our customers are always receiving the technical information in the most innovative and efficient way possible. With their latest product raising the game to a whole new level, this is an extremely exciting time to become part of such an evolving business.”

Autodata Oy Nordic will take on the Autodata brand, but will retain their current offices based in Pälkäne.

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