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What we do

Since the early 1970’s Autodata has been delivering technical vehicle information to the automotive aftermarket. Since then, we’ve further progressed and improved our offering to the market whether that’s our workshop application, API services, or to the market as a whole through our wider Solera network.

Autodata Workshop Application

The Autodata workshop application is the go-to product for businesses across the globe. Our data is licensed directly from over 170 manufacturers and covers 43,500 models worldwide.

Many larger companies use Autodata across entire networks and across multiple countries. This means we’re very experienced at working with companies to make sure the application is set up correctly, on time and with minimal fuss. You can even have it seamlessly linked into your own portals or systems.

Autodata API

Our powerful API mean you can embed our trusted data into your own applications, websites or solutions. Take as little or as much as you need and embed it into existing systems or build something completely new.

If you have a need or an idea that requires Autodata information, we can help make it happen.

Global Solera Solutions

As part of the Solera family Autodata is a leading supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket; supporting the service, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of vehicles. With the position of our globally renowned data, plus the ability to tap into an even larger network of expertise and solutions, we can help you tackle challenges locally or globally, niche or for the masses.