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August 25, 2021

Autodocta – 2013 Ford S-MAX

VEHICLE: 2013 Ford S-MAX

ISSUE: Rain sensor unable to control wipers

DIAGNOSIS & SOLUTION: We are having difficulty diagnosing a fault with the windscreen wiper system on a 2013 Ford S-MAX. The wipers do not work when position 1 is selected on the combination switch. We have carried out some basic wiring and power supply checks but we haven’t found the cause of the fault. We are not sure if the combination switch or wiper motor are at fault. Can you help?

Yes, we suspect your vehicle is fitted with a rain sensor and this is the area to investigate further. The rain sensor function is inoperative due to the rain sensor mounting plate coming detached from the windscreen. Remove the rain sensor from the mounting plate. Thoroughly clean the rain sensor mounting plate and the windscreen. Apply an appropriate adhesive to the area indicated (fig. 1.1.). Fit the rain sensor mounting plate to the windscreen. Allow the adhesive to fully dry before refitting the rain sensor. Once reassembled carry out a function check.

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