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October 8, 2021

Autodocta – 2015 Skoda Octavia

VEHICLE: 2015 Diesel Skoda Octavia

ISSUE: Glow plug warning lamp flashes.

We are having difficulty diagnosing a fault on a 2015 1,6 Diesel Skoda Octavia with the glow plug warning lamp flashing. We have carried out some basic wiring checks and checked the glow plugs but we haven’t found the cause of the fault. Can you help?

The symptom you describe is known to affect the Skoda Octavia with DBKA engine code. If there is a fault with the engine management system, it utilises the glow plug warning lamp by making it flash. If there was a fault with the pre-heating system, the glow plug warning lamp would illuminate without flashing. The fault is likely to be due to the engine oil pressure switch (fig. 1.1.). Before replacing the engine oil pressure switch, check the harness multi-plug for pushed out, corroded or damaged pins. If no fault is found, fit a new engine oil pressure switch. Erase trouble codes and carry out road test to confirm fault is fixed.

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