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June 26, 2020

Returning to normal? Common vehicle symptoms post-lockdown identified by Autodata

As businesses have started to return to normality, we can expect to see plenty of vehicles that have been parked for extended periods of time or which have only been driven short distances during lockdown.

Additionally, following the MOT extension imposed by Government, many owners will be seeking to get their cars roadworthy and MOT-compliant again.

This all adds up to an increase in the number of vehicles needing garage attention as commuters start heading back to work. Autodata has been working tirelessly during lockdown to identify and compile the information most likely to be in demand when vehicles are back on the road. We’ve identified the vehicle symptoms most likely to be seen in workshops below – and listed the features in Autodata’s user-friendly workshop application that will help you find the latest known fixes and technical data quickly and efficiently.


Flat Batteries: Flat batteries are going to be a common problem when owners go to start up their vehicles for the first time in weeks. With Autodata’s Battery disconnect module, you’ll be able to quickly find battery location, jump start information and resets, including those for windows and sunroofs.

Inefficient Air Conditioning and Odours: As the summer approaches, air conditioning services will be a priority. Excess humidity or moisture left to build up in an unused vehicle will lead to mildew and mould in the HVAC filters and ductwork, creating an unpleasant odour. Owners may also find that their air conditioning systems are inefficient and require attention. Autodata’s Electronic component location data allows for quick and easy diagnosis, whilst information on refrigerant and compressor oil quantities can be found in Technical specifications.

Overdue Service: With MOTs extended over lockdown and owners not using their vehicles, plenty of customers will be coming in for overdue services. Autodata makes it easy to provide a quote with comprehensive service schedules, repair times, and an estimate calculator with quick access to servicing checklists to help your workshop operate more efficiently.

DPF Fault Warning Light On: Vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters don’t like to be driven lightly. If only short journeys have been taken over a long period of time, the DPF is likely to start displaying a fault and will need to be forced into a regeneration. Autodata’s Diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment module gives clear instructions and illustrations on system operation and how to initiate a DPF regeneration.

Electrical Faults / Bulb Replacements: With vehicles not being driven, common electrical faults are likely to occur. Autodata’s Known fixes and bulletins are a great source of finding those niggling issues to save diagnosis time for garages and vehicle owners. Another common issue will be a faulty indicator, headlight or brake light. With the latest LED lights becoming more and more complicated to replace, Autodata’s Bulb replacement module offers useful technical information for easy maintenance.

Autodata’s online workshop application provides technicians with the tools to quickly and easily access information about a wide range of faults and service items. See our chart below for a quick list of the most common symptoms and the modules which should be your first stop when diagnosing the issue or looking for a fix:

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