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October 14, 2021

Autodocta – 2012 Volkswagen CC

VEHICLE: 2012 Volkswagen CC

ISSUE: Rattling noise from front of vehicle when driving over rough roads

We are having trouble finding the source of a rattling noise from the front of a 2012 Volkswagen CC when driving over rough roads. We have heard the noise and tightened all the nuts and bolts on the suspension. However, we cannot find the source of the rattling noise. Is this something that has been reported before?

Yes, we have been made aware of the fault you describe on Volkswagen CC models built up to 2013. The cause is due to the front suspension lower arm rear bush worn. Check the front suspension lower arm rear bush for wear (fig. 1.1.). If necessary, fit new lower arm rear bush assembly and repeat procedure for the opposite side. Carry out road test to ensure rattling noise has been eliminated.

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