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July 24, 2023

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Peugeot 208 (2019)

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Engine oil leak in area of alternator

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We are having difficulty finding the source of an engine oil leak on a 2019 Peugeot 208 1,2 petrol. The oil leak is around the front of the engine in the area of the alternator. At the last service we replaced the cylinder head cover gasket but there seems to be engine oil evident in the same area as before. Are you aware of anything that could be causing this engine oil leak?

What does Autodata recommend?

We are aware of an engine oil leak in the area you describe which affects all 208 models with 1,2 petrol engine. The oil leak is due to engine oil travelling along the retaining bolts for the alternator mounting bracket. Remove one alternator mounting bracket retaining bolt and thoroughly clean the threads of the retaining bolt and the threads in the engine block. Apply thread sealing compound to the entire length of the retaining bolt thread. The recommend thread sealing compound is Loctite 577. Refit the retaining bolt to the alternator mounting bracket and tighten finger tight. Repeat this procedure for the remaining alternator mounting bracket retaining bolts, one bolt at a time. Once all retaining bolts have been cleaned and sealed, tighten all alternator mounting bracket retaining bolts to the correct torque setting. Wait at least 1 hour for the thread sealing compound to cure before starting the engine. This should rectify the fault.

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