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December 22, 2022

Regenerative Braking Systems Explained – New Autodata training module alert

Electric motors have many advantages that make them an ideal power solution for modern vehicles. Even still, the defining challenge of EV development remains; achieving maximum possible driving range between charges.

Our newest training course, HEV Braking & Cooling Systems, will explore the braking and cooling systems that are employed by manufacturers to support and maximise the efficiency of hybrid and electric vehicles.

This first addition to this course will introduce you to regenerative braking, an innovation that plays a critical role in maximising the efficiency of almost every EV on the road.

This training module will cover topics including:

  • The core principles of regenerative braking
  • How this feature operates with different EV motor designs
  • The different configurations and types of regenerative braking

With regenerative braking becoming an increasingly common feature found on the vehicles coming into workshops for scheduled inspections, maintenance, and repairs, it’s crucial that every technician has a sound understanding of this technology.

This module is the latest addition to our growing library of over 350 technical training videos, covering the following key areas:

Electrical   |   Engine   |   Chassis   |   Drivetrain   |   Driver Assist

HVAC   |   Diagnostics   |   Servicing   |   Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Eligible subscribers can jump into this new module using the Training button in their Autodata account from November 9!

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